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Is this a Franchise?

NO – Unlike a franchise model, there are no Franchise Fees or any other on going payments. Unique Concept and Very Straight forward to get up and running.

1. For Your Venue.

Turn 4 Sq.ft space into potential revenue

Draw more people into your outlet! Simply a Smart addition to your existing venue which the popcorn vending machine ticks along consistently. Forming a new revenue stream.

The popcorn vending machine saves on stocking slow prepacked goods and also eliminates shrinkage of these products whilst the vending machine gives a full return with a digital audit sales counter built in to identify turnover any given period.

  • No wastage or shrinkage, as popcorn is only popped when customers insert money into the machine.
  • You just fill the machines and let the machines automatically dispense when a customer purchases.
  • The 33 gram portion of popcorn is good value for the right size. It’s not too small in comparison to prepacked stuff whilst not a huge giveaway either.
  • See the effect on drink sales increase.
  • Cost effective alternative snack to the usual chocolate bars and crisps.
  • Feedback from venues is that customers love the popcorn vending machines. A chief feature is delivering hot fresh popcorn popped right in front of the customer with smell and sound of fresh popping corn each time uniquely presents a strong point of sale to the customer each time at a fair price for everybody.
  • These eye catching and leading machines can be successful for both children and adults. In addition to the general public, on serving the factory workplace and offices widens further the appeal.
  • All the revenue
  • Consistent Income
  • Excellent profit margins
  • 24 Months parts manufacturers warranty
  • A simple business system
  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Royalties
  • No Rent to pay
  • No Staff costs
  • No large overhead expenses

2. Become a Regional Operator in your Area/County.

and split the revenue with the venue

At a very modest entry level you have and own a business. Additional machines can be purchased as you grow your territory and income. The popcorn vending business model allows you to be part time or full time, you decide. While you are at work or asleep, your vending customers are putting money in your machines, making you money. You may want to be adding this part time business to your current income, or you may want this to be an addition to your existing offering, of coin operated machines.

  • Popcorn vending is a cash business
  • Modest up front entry investment
  • Ability to grow your business as much or as little as you wish.
  • You dictate, full time or part time.
  • Excellent Product margins
  • A simple system, you just fill the machines.
  • Profit share on the revenue
  • Consistent Income
  • Excellent profit margins
  • 24 Months parts manufacturers warranty
  • A simple business system
If you wish to increase the price of a cup of popcorn you can.
If you want to develop specific marketing for your popcorn vending business you can.
Remember it is your business. You are free to run and operate your popcorn vending business the way you wish to.