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The estimated financial returns are the key to any business investment.
Based on current product costs the financial returns give an indication of the income that can be generated.

Income is based on the sale price of £1 per 33 gram cup vend for popcorn. However some operators have set their prices at £1.50 per vend.

High margin and only very modest sales are required to achieve lucrative returns. At 5 sales per machine per day you are returning consistently moderate cash income weekly, monthly and annually. The machines are profitable at very low sale per day levels and may rapidly increase.

Our Popcorn Package offers a great opportunity to recoup almost the entire cost / outlay of your popcorn vending machine enabling profits to swiftly multiply and swell from there.

The starter package with the purchase of your popcorn vending machine includes free stock worth 900 portion vends. This equates to either £900 or £1,350 in Retail Value depending what price point you set your machine at.

The figures illustrates like for like what the real rate of return is, with the popcorn free package offer.  Your initial investment outlay is thus cancelled in real terms and paid back to you when the free stock is sold thus only leaving a meagre investment amount in real terms to cover than what there should have been without the introductory offer.


Profit Generating

  • A 33gr portion of popcorn costs 25 pence and can generate up to £1.20 profit per portion
  • Popcorn is popped straight from it’s raw element corn, so there’s no waste
  • Preset Popping times, only when the customer inserts money so there’s no waste
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Low Start Up Cost
  • Compact Space Saver

Download the estimated returns documents*

*Please Note: The above figures and downloadable financial documents. are volume potential only and should not be construed as guarantees, since earnings are primarily dependent upon sales and type of service rendered by the vender, over which we have no control.
Please construe as an estimated projection. RRP is Fastpopcorns recommendation only and remains at the sole discretion of the resellers.
Fast popcorn cannot and does not guarantee turnover margins or profits.

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