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Air-popped corn that comes ready flavoured….

…..Popcorn will start to be much more exciting now

Looking For An Exciting New Business Opportunity?

Following a highly successful rollout across Spain and Europe, Popcorn Vending provides opportunities to introduce this popular vending machine to the UK market.

Our Popcorn vending machines provides the ultimate in hot popcorn delivery – sweet or salty, freshly popped with zero wastage or shrinkage. Bar owners love this machine as a tool to increase beverage sales!

Be part of the commercial success across the UK with our highly successful vending machine.

Sell Profitable Popcorn – no oil required for cooking no staff needed for popping!

Self serve format, simply put it in a location indoors, that is accessible and convenient to consumers as they go about their day, where they can select a snack for themselves and pay at the machine.


Diverse Market Coverage

Popcorn vending machine is suitable for all the best Bars, Bowling Alleys, Leisure Centre’s, Shopping Centre’s and Workplaces.

It’s also becoming increasingly common to find popcorn vending machines in Upmarket Bars, Corporate Lunchrooms, Workplaces,  and Family Themed Pubs.


Don’t miss this opportunity to be among the first to introduce these unique and proven machines to your market!

  • Proven machine, proven system
  • Vending a popular healthy food choice
  • Simple machine
  • Many venue sites across UK available
  • Unique Concept
  • Freshly popped hot popcorn.
  • Vending a popular healthy food choice
  • Simple proven machine – 33 gram vend
  • UK’s Only No.1 Coin Operated Popcorn Machine


FREE 900 VENDING CUPS – FREE 900 PORTIONS OF POPPING CORN, Almost pays back for your entire machine


  • Includes Coin Mech.
  • Self-served unmanned popcorn machine
  • Air Popping process is totally enclosed, no oil
  • Simple to clean and maintain
  • Enclosed cups dispenser means no wastage of cups
  • Optional Free Vend Button
  • Holds sufficient product to sustain a high vend rate
  • Is manufactured from highest quality materials meeting food standards and safety requirements
  • Full parts back up
  • Comes with a 24 month parts manufacturers warranty
  • Is very easily serviced with lockable separate cash drawer
  • Has a small footprint ensuring flexibility within any location
  • Requires minimal power usage
  • Has striking branding, ensuring impulse buying and instant recognition wherever a customer may visit.
  • You can change the price setting to suit your venue and specific customers

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